Palm Gardens Structural Repairs and Renovation

Project details

  • Owner/Client:
    Florida Convalescent Center, Inc.
  • Location:
    Gainesville, FL
  • Construction Cost:
    $ 429,900
  • Categories:


CCI was called to investigate  a sagging ceiling in the kitchen at the Palm Gardens of Gainesville assisted living facility.  An above ceiling inspection revealed failing trusses due to overloading on the roof.  A crew was immediately brought in to install temporary supports for the damaged trusses in order to protect the kitchen from a cave-in and to give MEP and structural engineers time to design a solution.  Renovations included the removal of HVAC, plumbing, wet and dry fire sprinkler, and electrical systems to facilitate the replacement of eight trusses.  New MEP systems were installed, as well as an EPDM roof system and finishes such as acoustical ceiling, flooring, drywall, and paint.

The facility was occupied by 135 live-in residents and required a continuously functioning kitchen, yet upon discovery of the structural failures, the existing kitchen was immediately condemned.  Within 2 days, CCI procured a portable commercial kitchen, installed a transformer and 480 3-phase power, and put it into use.    Sound protection barriers were utilized in the construction area and our team coordinated closely with the staff regarding specified times for loud equipment usage and general disturbance control.  The project fell under ACHA (Agency for Health Care Administration) jurisdiction and had to meet strict agency regulations.