Dust Collectors at Mosaic Big Bend

Project details

  • Owner/Client:
    Mosaic Fertilizer Company
  • Location:
    Gibsonton, FL
  • Construction Cost:
    $ 684,000
  • Categories:


The Big Bend HARP Terminal is a facility that receives, warehouses, and ships finished fertilizer products.  CCI was selected to Design and Build dust collection systems to control emissions from a rotary rail car dump station and two conveyor belt transfer points.  Designed by Al Andreansky, PE, these systems included a baghouse designed for 40,000 CFM for the radial car dump and two VMV 750 pulse jet collectors for the conveyer transitions.  Work included equipment foundations, steel setting, equipment installation, enclosure construction, galvanized ducting, electrical, and full system commissioning that included strict sound level requirements.  As with all industrial construction work, safety played a huge role in this project, with individual and/or company certifications required from ISNetworld, FPP (Florida Phosphate Producers), TWIC (Transportation Worker Identification Credential)and OSHA.