Debary Terminal Drop Pit

Project details

  • Owner/Client:
    Conrad Yelvington Distributors
  • Location:
    Debary, FL
  • Construction Cost:
    $ 625,000
  • Categories:


Conrad Yelvington Distributors is an aggregate distribution and handling company that utilizes a dedicated unit train system to receive material to its terminals.  This project involved the installation of a 20’x20’x20’ cast-in-place drop pit.  The loaded railcars pull over the drop pit and deposit material into a hopper catch basin, which funnels the product onto a conveyer for placement into stockpiles, silos, or bins.  Value engineering saved the project substantial cost by changing a planned concrete tunnel with connecting conveyers to a 10’ corrugated round pipe, extending 440 LF through the ground.   There were several unique features of this project that added to its complexity.  Construction extended 15’ into the water table and required dewatering through driven sheet piling.  Also, the tunnel went through a Duke Energy easement with high voltage transmission lines. Overhead wires limited the use of high lifting equipment.  Several high risk schedule items required dedicated safety monitoring.  This successful project was completed in September 2016.