Cedar Key Marina Gulf Side Boat Ramp

Project details

  • Owner/Client:
    City of Cedar Key, FL
  • Location:
    Cedar Key, FL
  • Construction Cost:
    $ 560,946
  • Categories:


This Boat Ramp Facility renovation included the installation of a new 96 ft. long concrete boat ramp, floating dock, fixed dock, and parking lot and amenity improvements.  Cedar Key is an island community located on the Gulf of Mexico.  Due to the project’s location in state waters, construction activities were governed by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s strict operation and reporting standards (e.g. the installation and monitoring of Turbidity Barriers and use of the FDEP Generic Permit for Stormwater from Large and Small Construction Activities).  The installation of the boat ramp required extensive hydraulic dredging over a large area.  Driven steel sheet piling formed the perimeter of the boat ramp and allowed for the dewatering of the contained area and construction of the ramp.  Driven wood pilings form the support structure for a pre-engineered fixed dock and gangway and serve as stabilizers for a floating dock.  A marine waste pump out system was installed for use by boats via a remote pumping station on the fixed dock.  Site improvements included the repair and replacement of sidewalks and pavement in and around the parking lot including several reconfigured parking areas, installation of handrails, and new striping and signage.    Existing aerial utilities were removed and rerouted underground.